Assigned contracts for two new Factories : Print Industry and Agro Industry

We signed two tenders for constructing new Industrial Facilities

EUROVIA continues construction of industrial facilities services for two major clients POLYESTERDAY – Print House and TOTAL Logistic – Warehouse and Logistic Services.
Manufacturing and industrial facilities have complex design and construction requirements. The client needs a partner who understands those complexities. Both clients required a Construction Company who supports their operations, helping direct the flow of materials and machinery while maximizing their productive space. We started the collaboration with a keen set of ears and dedicated listening to best understand just how the client wants to use their facility.
We signed a contract with POLYESTERDAY – Print House for their Industrial Project POLY 5 on February 05 2020, the project is in Industrial Zone – VIZBEGOVO – Skopje. The project includes the construction of a Production Hall 8800 m.sq and 1150 m.sq administration Hall. It is expected to be done in 13 months.
TOTAL Logistic is investing in a Warehouse of total 3300 m.sq, located in Industrial Zone Ilinden. EUROVIA as General Contractor signed a contract to provide Full – Construction services TURNKEY, including all phases and handing over the project to the investor ready to be used.