Eurovia Holding




With the idea of contributing to Macedonia’s development in the construction industry, our founding father established MURATORI (EUROVIA now).



The transition to the second stage was a transition from building facades to construction, a profession in which we were more fit. The link between these two professions facilitated this change, constantly taking into account the positive changes. Work continued with a small working team, but that team represented the main basis for workers who joined in the following period.



After being serious and careful at work, we had a need to expand our enterprise, including the expansion of the workforce to 50 workers and the capacity for maximal projects.

Eurovia Expands Its Activities


Eurovia undertakes "Screen Media" an OOH company, focusing on outdoor advertising.

Consolidation into Group


Eurovia is incorporated as a holding company, named Eurovia Holding. The Holding grew and developed companies with different industries where we emphasize: Construction and real estate investments, trade in goods (FMCG), production of energy from natural resources, marketing and promotion and many other industries.

EUROVIA Distribution is founded


Main activity of EUROVIA Distribution is the distribution of food and beverages on the HoReCa channel. The company is committed to continuous improvement and investment in expansion, marketing and professional development.

Eurovia brings new brands into the market


ama Caffe and Caffitaly are italian coffee brands brought to the Macedonian market for the first time by Eurovia.

Eurovia Builds the first film studio


Completed the first Studio for Films scores, Television, Videos Games, Classical Music, Music Library & Pop Music projects, in North Macedonia.

EUROVIA Foundation is Established


EUROVIA established the EUROVIA Foundation to contribute to unite people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world.

EUROVIA Properties is Established


Eurovia successfully ventured into Real Estate by creating a series of residential spaces at strategic locations in North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

EUROVIA opens Representation office in Republic of Albania


EUROVIA Albania will operate through its main branch in the city of Tirana, but very soon communication points will be opened in strategic cities of the country.

Eurovia Expands Its Activities in Renewable Energy


Eurovia undertakes renewable energy, hydro plants using innovative and advanced techniques.

EUROVIA opens Representation offices in Republic of Kosovo


EUROVIA Kosovo will operate through its main branch in the city of Prishtina, but very soon communication points will be opened in strategic cities of the country.

EUROVIA Agrar is founded


The main activities of the company focus on planning, implementation and management of pro-jects in the agricultural, natural resource and rural industry sector.

EUROVIA Solar is founded


EUROVIA Solar is committed to promoting energy independence with the installation of solar electric systems in our local communities.

Finished one of the three top factories


LEAR, a global automotive technology leader in Seating and E-Systems, is Making every drive better by delivering intelligent in-vehicle experiences for customers around the world. In order to meet the logistical challenges they decided to expanded the production hall.

First indoor pool in Tetovo


Taking care of the youngest generation and their needs in being active and sporty, Eurovia built the first indoor swimming pool in Tetovo. The project will provide new opportunities for all sports lovers and will take sports to the next level.