Planning and Design

We have expanded our activities in the direction of the planning and performance of interior solutions. This division has been formed to provide a new platform for our industry, as well as a new way of approaching architecture. Within the EUROVIA team, there are experienced architects, planners and interior designers who are ready to offer the best in making ideas and basic projects.

We make preparation of project documentation, elaborates, analyzes and study in accordance with the standards, norms and regulations for designing the buildings.

Our experience has been built on the basis of a broad portfolio of a wide range of types of projects: commercial and office buildings, residential buildings, housing, interior design and so on. We deliver design and technically processed projects of world class, made by focused professionals.

We are dedicated to the design and technical excellence – building in continuity of ideas for improving our community, expanding our knowledge and overcoming the expectations of our clients.

We are preparing all stages in the design process:

Basic Project – Architecture

Building constructive project

Water and sewage project

Static calculation

Project for electrotechnical solutions

Project for Thermotechnical Solutions

Traffic solutions

Other projects and elaborates depending on the purpose of the building

In addition to our expert team, in the preparation of the projects we cooperate with many consulting companies from Macedonia and abroad.


A and B building design licenses of first and second category

While our design team is authorized by A and B category for design, audit and supervision