We realize building a house is more than that.  It’s building a home.  That’s why are team prides itself in building top-quality craftsmanship in building your dream.

We’ve worked with some of the best Interior Design and Architectural Firms so we know what works.  Because of our expertise in design and cost estimating, we can evaluate projects and make recommendations to improve.  Our goal is to work together with your design team and get your home built as soon as possible.

Construction process

Once the design is complete and permits issued we can officially start construction.  The Construction Stage begins by presenting you a final cost and schedule for construction.  At this point we review any final changes you might want to make, finalize contracts, start date, and final schedule.  Once we are approved to get started, we schedule and coordinate our team.

Final Cost and  Schedule

Before starting construction, with final permits approved by the Building Department, we prepare a final cost and schedule.  At this point you will have some time to make changes if needed.  We’ll talk about things like scheduling and start dates before getting started.


Now that all the details have been decided, we can proceed to start building your project.  Our Management team will schedule and coordinate with our subcontractors all aspects of construction.  We’ll have weekly or biweekly meetings with you to review progress and keep you involved with the process.  You’ll be able to see your vision becoming reality.

Punch out

At end of construction we walk the project with you and make any necessary corrections before turning over the space to you.  This is called a “Punch List” where we make a final list of corrections.  These are typically small things like touch-ups, aligning outlets, etc.


We warranty all projects for minimum One Year.  You’ll never have to worry about issues like leaking plumbing, air conditioning not working, etc.  We back our work with 100% Guarantee on labor and materials.

Creating Client & Employee Experience Spaces

From corporate headquarters and Class A offices to employee amenity and client experience spaces, Eurovia has a deep project portfolio and understanding of current trends for corporate environments. Our clients include global firms with extensive resources as well as smaller, regional operations with big ideas but small budgets. We work with clients to help incorporate their brands into their facilities, using both our in-house design and construction resources as well as our supply chain of partners when appropriate.

Corporate Headquarters

Eurovia’s portfolio includes new office buildings, “facelift” renovation projects, relocation and consolidation, and adaptive reuse building repurposing projects – converting warehouses to administrative buildings and historic manufacturing buildings to hi-tech loft-style offices. Through end-user interviews and research, we’re able to determine not only current and future needs, but incorporate design ideas that will be relevant for years to come.

Costumer Experience Spaces

As businesses have increasingly focused on the customer or client experience, their facilities have evolved to accommodate their changing cultures. Eurovia is regularly called-up to design and construct spaces that will reflect the company’s brand while enhancing their relationship with customers, including product showrooms, testing and prototyping (non-manufacturing), dining, collaboration, and even “reveal” spaces, where a product is delivered to the customer.

Employee Amenities

The shortage of talent is an issue facing many firms, and the “Adel Holding” has changed the make-up of corporate offices and created a need for employee amenity and welfare spaces that take up a larger footprint than in the past. Our experience includes employee cafeterias, health suites, break room and restroom upgrades, collaborative spaces and other areas meant to recruit and retain employees.

Industrial Facility Services

Eurovia’s turnkey capabilities and commitment to customer service make us the choice for interior and exterior industrial construction services. Our team of specialized industrial construction experts and selective network of subcontractors ensures the work will be customized to meet our client’s needs from start to finish.

When manufacturing facilities, foundries and waste facilities need industrial construction work completed, they call Eurovia. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of each client we serve while providing a single point of contact to maximize efficiency. We understand the individual needs of our industrial clients with regards to safety, the specifications of the environment and production procedures. We work to minimize disruption and downtime on every job. The design, construction and maintenance of buildings rely on competent site investigation, quality data collection and accurate interpretation and advice. These essential processes improve planning and minimise risk. We know that robust understanding plays a critical role in building, maintenance and refurbishment programmes and support all stages of your project, from feasibility, through construction support, to the long-term monitoring of condition and integrity.

Hospital Construction

We understand what it takes to run a successful project in this demanding environment.

Eurovia’s hospital and healthcare construction projects encompass a wide range—from new hospitals to new wings, from vertical additions to bunkered treatment suites, and from isolated renovations to wholesale phased expansion and upgrade programs. We have also completed numerous specialized cancer treatment facilities, research labs and ambulatory surgery centers located both at hospitals and at satellite operations sites. Our experience also includes medical office facilities of all sizes for hospitals, physicians’ groups and national developers. These projects include office and clinical/procedure spaces, as well as same-day surgery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiology, and imaging.

Eurovia has extensive experience working in operating hospital environments, including construction within and around highly sensitive areas. We have developed responsive ICRA-based processes that include protective measures (ILSM) and security procedures to ensure uninterrupted operation and to protect highly vulnerable patients. These controls, coupled with Eurovia’s intense understanding of hospital operations and our staff-wide communication outreach, ensure smooth-running projects for our clients.

Residential Buildings And Hotels

In particular for housing construction and hotel construction projects, excellent noise control is a major quality criterion and of great importance for people’s health and comfort. Whether in an apartment or a hotel room, adequate screening against noise from neighbours is indispensable for creating an area of tranquility and privacy. From a building physics perspective, noise control can be clearly defined. However, from the users’ perspective, large differences in the respective perception can be noted even given the same structural quality. Moreover, users’ expectations justifiably are determined by the location, furnishing and property price or hotel room rate.

Therefore, qualified consulting on all aspects of noise control and other issues guarantees the success of numerous projects.

Universities & Schools

At Eurovia, we’re familiar with the unique challenges faced by educational institutions when they undertake construction programs. We’re experienced in meeting the demands of academic calendars and recognize the absolute need to have facilities ready for full use in time for the start of the semester. Our know-how includes new facilities, upgrades and expansions of all sizes, as well as energy efficiency improvements and off-campus developments. Our projects have met a variety of important client space requirements, including classrooms, student centers and social gathering spaces, labs, residence halls, faculty offices, student recreation, athletics, and infrastructure.

Our education projects have benefited from our expertise in management to ensure safety and continual operations. Virtually all of Eurovia’s projects have been conducted within a working campus environment—many in restrictive, urban settings.

Eurovia professionals have a long record of success delivering the cutting-edge facilities required by our college and university clients. Some seek to deliver unique architectural statements and others accommodate innovative research, teaching or educational functions. Academic clients are also leading the nation in the adoption of LEED green building standards. As construction managers for these types of initiatives, the Eurovia difference begins during design with critical budget development, cost modeling and financial control activities, as well as insightful design reviews that help our clients meet their objectives.