Development & Investment

Our company invests continuously and with great confidence in real estate. Construction of industrial objects in real estate is the best way of using these spaces, and therefore Eurovia invests a lot in that direction. We are prepared to take on activities that are of great value and we transform them into facilities that can be used. Eurovia has always managed to transform real estate to space that can be used by all parts. While relying on the logics that they who can always rely on somebody need to do that, it made us focus more on industrial buildings that create new jobs, which are undoubtedly profitable for the entire society.

With its experienced and professional staff, Eurovia undertook the development, operation, finance, sales & marketing and after-sale of the real estate projects. After years of experience in North Macedonia, investments were also made abroad such as the investment and development of residential and office complexes, hotels, social and cultural areas in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

In addition to the real-estate related investments, EUROVIA Development & Investment has decided to boost renewable energy supply with non-polluting hydroelectric power plants as the electricity demand has increased as a result of economic development in North Macedonia. Renewable hydroelectric power plants are investment projects of Eurovia Development & Investment in which 3 of the hydroelectric power plants is ready to generate electricity while the other one is under construction.

Projects in progress

Villas 22 – Tetovo

Villas 22 is pleased to present this 4 Bedroom townhouse in the Tetovo by Eurovia Development and Investment.

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HEC – Orashje

We are transforming the power of water into energy. Water is one of the most profitable sources of energy and the most important renewable energy source in North Macedonia.

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Village 40 – Tetovo

The Village 40 is located in Tetovo, 30 km from the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje town.

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