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SCREEN MEDIA Certificate of Business Success

SCREEN – MEDIA DOOEL export-import Zelino meets the highest criteria for creditworthiness in 2021 and belongs to the best companies in R. North Macedonia, which are ranked with a high credit rating and are authorized to use the status as a symbol of business success and security.

Being a holder of a business success certificate is one of the few recognitions with which we prove to our potential partners that we are a responsible and quality managed company that should be cooperated with. Today it is difficult to find a trusted partner.

As a holder of this business success certificate we are in the closest environment of 2% of the companies in R. North Macedonia. The business performance certificate is calculated based on 18 parameters for performance and liquidity (financial report) and solvency of the company.

About Screen Media:

Based in Macedonia and with more than 800 locations across the country, Screen Media has grown into one of the top providers of exceptional and highly creative advertising for all businesses seeking the perfect promotion of their products and services through the use of a variety of tools.

Our methods and strategies aim to increase your revenue and the popularity of your brand. We simply do not leave our customers in the lurch with “some halfway” design ideas and “blurred” focus. We at Screen Media have managed to perfect “out-of-home advertising” – with our support, you can be sure that you will experience a positive outcome.
Trust us with your corporate advertising and “out-of-home advertising” needs, and in return, we will take your brand identity and popularity to a whole new level.

For contact:
phone 1: +389 (0)2 322 4944
phone 2: +389 (0)44 350 991
Fax: +389 (0)2 322 4944