Thanks to its expert team of specialists who embody an engineering ethos and the strength derived from its clients, The EUROVIA Group rapidly progressed in North Macedonia and abroad.

Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview 2020

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Annual Report

ANNUAL REPORTS 2020 – MK (You can request the English version by contacting us)

ANNUAL REPORTS 2019 – MK (You can request the English version by contacting us)

ANNUAL REPORTS 2018 – MK (You can request the English version by contacting us)

Financial Highlights 2020

  • Total Revenue

Yearly sales and grow by companies

Eurovia 216.459m
Eurovia Albania 60.976m
Screen Media 69.771m
Eurovia DMD 41.421m

Further improvement of all key indicators lead to another great year

Our Strength

EUROVIA’s strong equity structure, high liquidity, robust balance sheet structure, long-term borrowing capacity, ability to use a variety of capital market tools, and access to international financial resources (such as EBRD, IFC, IsDB, OFID, ICD, BSTDB, CreditEurope) differentiate EUROVIA from other companies operating in the same fields of business.

EUROVIA’s leadership position in the fields it operates is further strengthened by the many pioneering and innovative projects it carries out, and the strong and steady increase in its performance.

Machinery and equipment capacity, strong organizational capabilities, vast in-house know-how based on experience, references from completed works, overseas contracting certificate demonstrating unlimited business competence, engineering background of the principal shareholders coupled by a young, energetic and dynamic grassroots staff led by an experienced team of executives create a synergy that is indicative of EUROVIA’s technical competence in completing projects on time, within budget, and of the specified quality.

As EUROVIA views each project as a means to gain experience and learning opportunities, it is able to continuously improve itself as an organization, and employs strategies to pass on this experience to younger generations.

EUROVIA’s strong reputation in the market and the fields it operates; its long-lasting and stable relations with stakeholders such as employers, customers, and suppliers; its strong business ethics; and the sectors it is positioned with its strategic projects separate EUROVIA from competitors.

EUROVIA continually enhances its innovative capacity to obtain and sustain a competitive edge in this ever changing and developing world that gets ever more complicated.