Eurovia Holding

Partner with EUROVIA Holding

Partner with EUROVIA Holding

EUROVIA Holding is always on the look out for exciting businesses to partner or work with. From early stage start up to million euro corporate, we offer a range of opportunities helping businesses of many sizes and stages.

To see which opportunity is most suitable for you and your business, please read below.

Are you starting a new business?

Eurovia Start Up is a not-for-profit organisation that helps entrepreneurs with the funding, resources and advice they need to turn their great idea in to a successful and sustainable business. If you are over 18 years old and a North Macedonia citizen with ambitions to turn your idea into a budding start-up Eurovia StartUp is the place to go.

Growing your existing business?

If your proposal relates to working with one of the already established Eurovia companies within the Group, please contact the EUROVIA Group directly as each existing Eurovia company takes responsibility for growing and developing its own business.

Want to partner with EUROVIA Holding to grow your existing business?

The EUROVIA Investment Team welcomes proposals to partner with experienced management teams and companies seeking growth capital and/or the Eurovia brand. We are selective so make sure your proposal fits our investment criteria.

Our Investment Criteria:

Stand alone (not reliant on another EUROVIA business)

Consumer facing

Provides a differentiated value proposition

Established revenues and commercial relationships

Potential for market leadership

A strong operating team with proven track record

Opportunity to further the business by rebranding to EUROVIA Group

If you are seeking funding and/or the Eurovia brand and believe your investment opportunity fits our criteria and strategy, then you should submit a business plan.