Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Thanks to its expert team of specialists who embody an engineering ethos and the strength derived from its clients, EUROVIA Holding rapidly progressed in North Macedonia and abroad.


How investments work at Eurovia Group.

Annual Reports


Eurovia Group 2023 Audited Report
Eurovia Group 2023 Unaudited Report


Eurovia Group 2022 Audited Report


Eurovia Group 2021 Unaudited Report


Eurovia Group 2020 Audited Report
Eurovia Group 2020 Unaudited Report


Eurovia Group 2019 Unaudited Report


Eurovia Group 2018 Audited Report
Eurovia Group 2018 Unaudited Report

Financial Highlights

Yearly sales by companies

Our Strength


EUROVIA's strong equity structure, high liquidity, robust balance sheet structure, long-term borrowing capacity, ability to use a variety of capital market tools, and access to international financial resources (such as EBRD, IFC, IsDB, OFID, ICD, BSTDB, CreditEurope) differentiate EUROVIA from other companies operating in the same fields of business.


Employee safety is ranked as one of our priorities. Their well-being and safety is one of the guiding principles of our company in social responsibility. We equip our employees with protective work clothing and all the necessary equipment to create a safe working environment in accordance with the legislation and the law “On safety & health at work”.


We see each project as a goal of gaining experience and learning opportunities which is why EUROVIA is constantly improving itself as an organization and employs strategies to pass this experience on to the younger generations.

Innovative capacity

EUROVIA continually enhances its innovative capacity to obtain and sustain a competitive edge in this everchanging and developing world that gets ever more complicated.

Life at Eurovia

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Are you looking to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the real estate industry? Our projects are well known. Our people set us apart. We inspire greatness. Join us to build a better future.

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EUROVIA Holding is always on the look out for exciting businesses to partner or work with. From early stage start up to million euro corporate, we offer a range of opportunities helping businesses of many sizes and stages.