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Eurovia becomes the leading investor in Kiimo in its upcoming Funderbeam campaign

Skopje, March 19, 2021 – Today in the premises of the Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje, Eurovia and the startup company Kiimo signed an investment agreement wherewith our company Eurovia undertook to be the so-called a leading investor in Kiimo, in order to provide the key condition for launching an additional fundraising campaign by Kiimo through the global innovative crowdfunding platform Funder beam. As it is known, the exclusive representative in our country on the Estonian platform Funderbeam is Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje. Through this platform, Macedonian start-ups have the opportunity for market financing depending on their innovation and competitiveness, and domestic investors have the opportunity to invest in business projects in which they will recognize good potential.

This is the first case of a classic corporate investment by a Macedonian company in a Macedonian start-up.

Every Funder beam campaign must have a leading investor. The leading investor can be any legal entity or individual who has good knowledge of business and economics and formed a picture of the investment potential of the company that will try to raise funds through Funder beam from other smaller investors in the country and abroad. The leading investor invests himself, which demonstrates confidence in the positive prospects of the company.

The leading investor in the start-up company Kiimo, for the needs of its upcoming funder beam campaign is the company Eurovia. On this occasion, Mr. Elmedin Ademi, CEO of Eurovia said: “As a company that has based its start on entrepreneurship and innovation, we have recognized a strong business opportunity in this project. In fact, the family values ​​that we incorporated at the very beginning in construction, today have grown into a wide range of industries that make up our Group that is strongly growing in the country and in the region. Our strategic goal is to be a real investment company, focused on innovation, new technologies and dynamic development. “That’s why Eurovia will support this start-up, because we share similar visions of how we can change the world for the better.”

“I am really glad that a domestic company recognized the potential of a Macedonian start-up. Although Kiimo has already raised investments abroad, our next venture is to start the operational start from Macedonia and Croatia, for which we are preparing many surprises. Practically, with this investment and campaign, we are finally putting into use the technology that we have been developing for a long time, and with which we will completely change the way of delivery of shipments in urban areas.” Said Mr. David Pavlovski, founder of Kiimo.

The Kiimo application operates in the segment of the sharing economy and democratizes the delivery method by involving all people in the delivery process.

The investment and the start of the campaign are supported by SEEUTechPark and supported by FITR whose representatives also attended the signing of the agreement.

The Macedonian public and all interested potential investors will be additionally informed about the start of Kiimo’s campaign through the Funder beam platform.