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E – TECH| Super Insulating Material: From products to market ready system solutions brought to you by EUROVIA

Energy efficiency has become a leading consideration in the construction industry. Innovations such as advanced insulation materials also called super-insulation Foam – panels are being used in ingenious ways to address the energy efficiency challenge.

Against this backdrop, the EUROVIA Research and Developement Center has developed the E – Tech Insulation System that show the lowest thermal conductivity of all insultation materials on the market. “We created new insulation that’s not only thermally superior but also much thinner, lighter, safer and better in terms of reducing emissions from buildings,” says the Innovation Project Manager at EUROVIA R&D Center and project coordinator.

This is especially significant since buildings are currently responsible for 40 % of the global energy consumption and 36 % of CO2 emissions Worldwide. “By improving buildings’ energy efficiency, we can reduce the total  energy consumption by 5-6 % thank to performant insulation and lower CO2 emissions by about 5 %,”

Superior insulation in every respect.

Importantly, the new technology can be applied both to new buildings and existing older buildings, be it indoors, outdoors or on rooftops. The technology was developed bringing together key construction stakeholders.

Another major advantage is that the insulation takes up less space than current market alternatives. “This means that the walls of any house or building can be thinner, saving valuable indoor space,”

In more ways than one, E – Tech Insulation System has surpassed the state of the art. It achieved superior thermal conductivity, improving insultation by at least 30 % and creating one of the best performing insulation solutions on the market, in line with all European requirements.

Promising market prospects