Our company was established 30 years ago, more specifically in 1978 under the leadership of Abdilazis Ademi, while Eurovia as a brand was established in 2010 and continues to function as such.



EUROVIA is composed of two parts, euro and via. The first word euro is about the standards we bring, which are European, while the second word via derives from the word viaduct, which means a high bridge that links two remote sites. The combination of the words euro and via is associated with our relationship with each customer who seeks durable buildings, regardless of the distance.



Built better – The whole concept of our company is included in this slogan. Simple and clear for what we want to do for the others. To give everything, in order to make the best for the client. To build what is needed and how is needed means to build better, to build with Eurovia.


The exact font of our letters shows our consistency and reliability, which are colored in blue as a symbol of reliability, safety and infinity in space, which we tend to dominate with our buildings. The modification of the letter A is associated with the covering of each object, which also represents the uppermost part and the maximal height of everything. The red dot makes you realize that you are at the maximum height in the region where you operate and it is a seal of our logo. Adel Holding is the main company that Eurovia relies on.


Are you looking for the best contractor of your construction project?

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