About EUROVIA Group

We are a family-owned Group with an entrepreneurial, active ownership approach.

We have been around since 2008, but we’re just getting started. Our owners and investors are entrepreneurial family, from North Macedonia. They have installed in EUROVIA Group a strong culture of openness, fairness and trust, as well as a great deal of respect for visionary entrepreneurs and managers. Our current core market is North Macedonia, where we hold majority or significant stakes in a broad portfolio of companies. But what sets us apart is being an investment company, not a fund with a limited lifetime. This means we partner with entrepreneurs and managers for the long term, to create great businesses.

Our Group is an authentic mirror of our world, where we can handle anything that is thrown our way. From construction, distribution, logistics, trade and advertising. Our wide range of industries, value-added services and our strong reputation for creating business opportunities makes us a trusted business partner. Our strong business values ensure continuous success for everyone we work with.

Eurovia was founded in the late eighties in response to the Eurovia family’s vision to establish an organisation specialising in the building sector.
The passion for construction is a tradition that has lasted for three generations, of course the use of technology was very limited in the past and the reference market was only the local one, nowadays Eurovia is able to manage construction sites in Macedonia as well as Souther Balkan. Thanks to the strong commitment of the entire group, today EUROVIA is a leading company in Macedonia for the infrastructures and construction sectors. The entrepreneurial business success is based on a deep-rooted corporate structure that has been consolidated over the years.

Product quality, organisational punctuality, work capability and clarity of intent are the strengths of the company, which has positioned itself at the forefront of the emerging special demolition sector.
Thanks to its experience and acquired professionalism, Eurovia has been successful in securing important public and private tenders. A solid company structure capable to mobilise 150 men and 40 vehicles throughout the country, guaranteeing an intervention within 24 hours. The wide range of machines is made up of the most innovative equipment currently available on the market. The best service in terms of time and execution quality is guaranteed by state-of-the-art technology providing the utmost safety.

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The roots of our company are deep and reliable. The success that we have achieved over the years shows that we built our history to create an identity with great commitment.

  • 1978

    Establishment under the name ADEMI GROUP

    Many years of work and the steps towards professionalism were the reasons we went a step further to create our own history and adoption of changes to each decade, until we crowned our work as a joint success of company.

  • 1986

    Second transition

    The transition to the second stage was a transition from building facades to construction, a profession in which we were more fit. The link between these two professions facilitated this change, constantly taking into account the positive changes. Work continued with a small working team, but that team represented the main basis for workers who joined in the following period.

  • 1998


    After being serious and careful at work, we had a need to expand our enterprise, including the expansion of the workforce to 50 workers and the capacity for maximal projects.

  • 2010


    To consolidate the management of our company and to be resistant to any crisis that might be suffered, Eurovia joined EUROVIA Holding (at that time ADEL Holding). Since then, we are focused in working with design and construction, while the administration department is directed by EUROVIA Holding.

  • 2014

    License B for Second Category Construction Contractor

    License B for Design of Second Category Buildings
    For the history of our company, 2014 was the year when we achieved the greatest success, which means that we managed to get all the necessary licenses to enable our company to work with all necessary documents. Eurovia increased its work capacity and was recognized as a professional company in the field of construction and design.

  • 2017

    Creation of System Management

    License A for Contractor of until putting it into operation, second-rate buildings category civil engineering. With projects, which includes managing someone else’s manpower, procurement of responsibility for Expanding facilities in materials and downloads managing someone else's performing all stages i.e. TURNKEY projects.

  • 2020

    10 years part of EUROVIA HOLDING

    We are fortunate that our founding fathers started our company on a strong foundation. One of the reasons Eurovia has had consistent growth and success over the years is our ability to adapt and be flexible in meeting changing markets. We will continue to lean out, be more efficient, find more effective ways of aligning all parties on a project, better serve our clients, and build the next generation of builders. With a solid foundation beneath us, we are ready for the challenge.