About The EUROVIA Group

We are a family-owned Group with an entrepreneurial, active ownership approach.

We have been around since 2008, but we’re just getting started. Our owners and investors are Albanian entrepreneurial family, from North Macedonia.

They have installed in The EUROVIA Group a strong culture of openness, fairness and trust, as well as a great deal of respect for visionary entrepreneurs and managers.

Our current core market is North Macedonia, where we hold majority or significant stakes in a broad portfolio of companies. But what sets us apart is being an investment company, not a fund with a limited lifetime. This means we partner with entrepreneurs and managers for the long term, to create great businesses.

Our Group is an authentic mirror of our world, where we can handle anything that is thrown our way. From construction, distribution, logistics, trade and advertising. Our wide range of industries, value-added services and our strong reputation for creating business opportunities makes us a trusted business partner. Our strong business values ensure continuous success for everyone we work with.




We encourage our members to share best practices and cultivate curiosity. We want our businesses led by professionals with entrepreneurial acumen. We seek full ownership of our businesses. We look for synergies but allow the individual businesses their autonomy. We strive to have talent development at all levels. We take a long-term view on our business.



Our heritage taught us to optimize risk. We renew business through innovation and diversification. We strive for our businesses to be self-financed and profitable. We bring products to life that are challenging to industrialize. We want our products made right and have a commitment to minimal environmental impact.



We are modest, placing little value on status. We are a family-owned business caring for the well-being of every member. We embrace our legacy as a way to renew ourselves. And we apply integrity as a cornerstone to how we conduct business.