Eurovia relies on skilled workers who work with responsibility and commitment. Our working practice includes dialogue and participation in important decision making processes. We care our employees to develop and advance with the steps of technological innovation by providing their professional development in parallel with the growth of the company.

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Eurovia staff consists of 80 employees of which 20 are part of the technical and engineering department. Project managers and heads of civil, engineering and technical departments have several years of experience in the country and abroad, and they have developed academic and professional background. The company structure also includes 15 employees in the administration department who have key positions in the departments of finances, procurement, marketing and sales.

Eurovia, as part of the Adel Holding group, offers full-time or part-time professional internships for all qualified students in all professional companies of the group. Internship is a real contribution to the education and mentoring of future specialists and professionals. In this way, we complete one of the missions that we have set to contribute to the community. The social responsibility of our corporation and contribution to the community and society is a mission that we consider very seriously.

We are the place where young people can see how to apply the knowledge gained during university studies. The opportunity for professional internship is offered only to those students who show that they have the desire and commitment to benefit from the experience of Eurovia staff.

During the internship, students will have the opportunity to learn about all ‘processes’ that enable business functioning. This is an opportunity for students to work with Eurovia’s projects together with some of the experts of relevant areas in the country.

After each cycle of professional internships, Eurovia makes appropriate assessments for each student accompanied by a recommendation that they could use it in the future. We also use professional internships to recruit new employees in our corporation. Many of our employees have joined our group only through these professional internships, by showing commitment in fulfilling the tasks assigned during the professional internship.

Care – We care: We treat our employees with respect, honesty and justice. We greatly appreciate the opinions of our employees and involve them in the decision making process. Through numerous internships, we commit to express different views and recognize and promote high performances. The trust in our employees, accepting their opinions, merits and contribution has motivated our employees, and they helped us in the way of progress and success.

Energy for the future: Eurovia is always looking for qualified people to be part of the team that will work on future projects. To participate in projects that will shape the future, Eurovia requires energetic people who can adapt to the largest group in Albania.

Work and family: Family is very important for Eurovia. Our employees have the option of finding a balance between work and private life.

Representatives of employees: Eurovia is very careful about what employees think. Therefore, we hold regular meetings with the representatives of employees, i.e. the union. Our employees can also freely express opinions on work progress, and the department of human resources provides optimal solution to other inconveniences.

Training – Trainings and professional development of our staff is the focus of the department of human resources. Eurovia over the year implements various trainings in order to continuously invest in professional development. Furthermore, the department of IT offers training packages on the use of IT systems and software applications.

Progress – Investing in the professional development of employees enabled their progress to be a continuous practice of the companies of Eurovia. As an employee of Eurovia, you will have the opportunity to advance in your career and develop professionally, by providing a permanent contribution to the development of the group.

Your partner

Eurovia is a reliable and determined partner in the markets where it operates. It offers great experience and activity in the biggest part of the economy through appropriate expertise, skilled human resources and strong financial resources. With its investment, consulting services and partnerships, Eurovia is there to support you.

positions that are required

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Аccountant Zhelino finance 20/03/2017
Human Resources Manager Zhelino administration 18/03/2017
Architect Zhelino construction 18/03/2017


Apply at any time, regardless if there is a vacancy or not, and become a part of Eurovia to expand shared experience and to build a future on strong grounds.

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