The beginning of a productive autumn

Construction of fecal sewerage in the villages of Gorna Banjitsa, Chajle and Chegrane. The signed contract is worth 123 million denars.

Construction of fecal sewerage in the villages of Gorna Banjitsa, Chajle and Chegrane – part of the framework agreement between Eurovia and the Municipal Public Utility Enterprise Komunalec – Gostivar.

Eurovia signed a framework agreement with the Public Utility Enterprise Komunalec for the realization of the project for construction of fecal sewerage in the Municipality of Gostivar.

The project foresees the construction of 14 km of fecal sewerage and the realization should be completed by the autumn of 2020.

The agreement was reached through Public Procurement announced by the Municipal Public Utility Enterprise Komunalec, and supported by the Municipality of Gostivar as a joint investment with a separate budget.

Construction of production facility in Bunardzik

The American company AIM PROPERTY builds a factory for the automotive industry for the company Dura Automotive System where car parts will be produced.

The factory will be built in the Technological Industrial Development Zone Skopje 2 – Bunardzik. The project starts in September 2018 and should end quickly by March 2019. The facility covers a surface area of 17 000 m2 and Eurovia is contracted for completing the building carcass.

Eurovia builds new capacities for Moniko SMLLC manufacturing plant

Eurovia signed a construction agreement with MONIKO SMLLC for the construction of a new production facility for adhesive labels with a surface area of 4872 m2. Eurovia is the project contractor until the final stage, which means that it will be implemented as a turnkey project.

The project should be implemented quickly and with fast dynamics which is expected to last only 145 working days.

Collaboration continues with MARAI SMLLC

The residential building in Skopje, an investment of MARAI SMLLC, is one of the 2018-2019 projects that should be completed by Eurovia. This building is the third in a series of a successful partnerships between Eurovia and MARAI SMLLC.

The building covers an area of 5800m2 including the ground floor and 6 floors. The project execution period is 108 days for the carcass phase. Apartments are anticipated for family housing.

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