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CSR -Donation Air Purifiers at Clinical Hospital Tetovo

The basic human right is to have clean air.
We are in a time of pandemic, we are fighting an invisible and dangerous virus.
Environmental air pollution plays a role in the spread and impact of the virus. The more acute lung disease and chronic lung disease are prevalent in the population exposed to air pollution, the more vulnerable they are to COVID-19, which is likely to amplify the pandemic.
Looking at the situation we are in, we saw fit to donate 12 air purifiers to the Tetovo Hospital Center.

Detailed description of the Air Purifiers
3 in 1: Cleaners + Monitor + Intelligent Devices with personalized software
The 5-inch touch screen provides: instant and detailed graphical display of sensor values, filter use, etc.
Intelligent air quality regulation software ensures work scheduling and air purification speed for all days of the week, creating a graph with air pollution values.