Quality and Integration

Quality and integrity are very important in order to gain the full support and confidence of investors and cooperative companies.

Integrity is very important in the trust that the client creates for the company’s performance, so Eurovia works to continuously increase quality and to prove it more that is an integrating company.

Tradition and Quality

Convinced that the tradition and quality are primary in every job that our company offers, we are highly focused these two favors to have always present in our projects.

We are a company that counts over 30 years of construction experience and this means that we offer quality work and tradition gathered in several decades. We have already transformed our work into a tradition that we have inherited from generation to generation, always perfecting it on any scale and enhancing its quality for a single reason to bring the best to our customers. Cooperation and reaching agreements with many contractors shows that Eurovia is the company that clients and associates has always worked to put in the service of their tradition and quality.

We are also committed to perfect the services that we offer and bring the highest standards in our country. With ongoing work, we have proven that Eurovia has boosted its success based on the quality of its work. The latest technologies, for the testing of materials that is used in construction and the lifespan of any project bearing Eurovia’s logo, shows that, in front of everything, we bring to our customers traditions and quality.

ISO standards

Recognized for work quality and seriousness, we as company are committed to achieve maximal standards and continue to be crowned with new successes in the field in which we operate. This work intensity among us made it possible to meet all the necessary requirements to achieve ISO standards, in order to be closer and more loyal to our clients and contractors. Eurovia, based on the actual situation, achieved to meet all ISO standards, which represent a guarantee for offered works and services. Our company has worked hard to fulfill these standards, in order to show work seriousness towards clients and to achieve quality and European standards.

The company, licensed with ISO 9001:2008 standard, for the customer brings reliability and guaranteed quality. Eurovia is one of the companies licensed with this standard, which guarantees quality of every product offered to the customer.

ISO 18001:2007 is known as the OHSAS standard or Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. We as a company are licensed with standards based on the requirements and safety we offer to the employees during field work.

During the work performed in the field, we always take care to preserve the environment where we operate. ISO 14001:2004 or Environmental Management System shows that we meet all the requirements for the preservation of the environment where we operate to avoid being damaged, or in case of damage, to be repaired by our company.

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