CSR – Voluntary Blood Donation Activity

Today, the Tetovo Red Cross, with the help of expert teams from the Tetovo Transfusion Medicine Center, as well as Eurovia employees organized an action for blood donation.

Objective / Goal of the activity

Raise awareness on the importance of donating blood and helping the local community by doing that action.


Donating blood is a very important action to take to help improve local society, we all have blood and create it daily without doing anything, however it is a very important resourcefor hospitals and other facilities of the like, as it is needed for transfusions and creating other blood derivative products that help millions of people.

Result of the activity

Our motto is “each drop counts”, and they sure did, it is a huge accomplishment to obtain this kind of repercussion.

Today’s action can be considered successful, because during the few hours of the team’s stay in the Eurovia offices, most of the employees donated blood.
EUROVIA thanks all the employees who respond positively to the humanitarian action where they expressed their humanity and solidarity through blood donation.

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