EUROVIA opens Representation and action offices in the market of the Republic of Kosovo!

This year we are leaving behind is being hailed as the year that put all of humanity in front of a difficult challenge; a challenge which, in order to overcome it, we had to wake up and understand the true values ​​of our existence: health, family and solidarity with each other. The consequences of this challenge did not neglect the economic sphere, ie business development. Based on the above-mentioned values, as well as the principle of interaction and cooperation, we connect forces, resources and all positive energy not only cope with this situation by adapting to new rules but also to create space for even greater success. even despite the difficult conditions.

The global experiences of the pandemic, and the power of cooperation were an inspiration for us as a Group to develop our activity in new geographical territories! On December 30, 2020 we opened the EUROVIA Group Offices in the State of Kosovo. Eurovia Kosovo will operate through its main branch in the city of Prishtina, but very soon communication points will be opened in strategic cities of the country! The main purpose of the decision for such an investment step was the assessment that our services are adequate, necessary and of the right quality for the market of a new state that is still being built and developed, such as the Republic of Kosovo!

The objectives of 2021 are focused not only on the positive growth of our Companies in all markets where we currently operate, but also on raising services to the highest level of expertise. The continuous growth of the investment portfolio outside the Balkans is not ignored, as well as the development of the workforce is always towards the latest advancements.


Eurovia is a trusted engineering, construction and project management partner to industry and government. Differentiated by the quality of our people and our relentless drive to deliver the most successful outcomes, we align our capabilities to our customers’ objectives to create a lasting positive impact. We specialize in complex and prestigious building construction and infrastructure projects. Our portfolio includes some of the most developed landmarks, residential buildings, hospitals, theatres, commercial and industrial buildings. We have also constructed vital infrastructure and wastewater treatment projects, including water supply and sewage.

Contact reference:
Alba Shaqiri
street 101 | nr. 15
1226 Zhelino | Tetovo, Macedonia
Tel: +389 44 350 991

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