Internal team building with all the managers of companies that are part of ADEL Holding

Today was a different new day in ADEL Holding.

We started with an interesting internal team building and we sat down together and all the companies that are part of ADEL Holding (ENEA, EUROVIA, TALENTA, SCREEN MEDIA) at a common table to drink together AMA coffee, refreshing with Yoga juice and through mutual presentation and friendship to see how big we are, who we are and to we affirm our goals, ambitions and visions to firmly move forward with joint forces in new successes.

Each of us personally, but also as teams committed ourselves in the realization of our common vision and goals. Only through our professionalism, dedication and confidence we can always be the first choice for the client, and thus be the most successful company in Macedonia.

We are proud to be part of ADEL HOLDING and only sky is a limit, for our ambitions goals and successes.

By appreciating the value of our colleagues, the positive thoughts and the kind words make us every day more beautiful and more interesting.

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