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We understand what it takes to run a successful project in this demanding environment.

Eurovia’s hospital and healthcare construction projects encompass a wide range—from new hospitals to new wings, from vertical additions to bunkered treatment suites, and from isolated renovations to wholesale phased expansion and upgrade programs. We have also completed numerous specialized cancer treatment facilities, research labs and ambulatory surgery centers located both at hospitals and at satellite operations sites. Our experience also includes medical office facilities of all sizes for hospitals, physicians’ groups and national developers. These projects include office and clinical/procedure spaces, as well as same-day surgery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiology, and imaging.

Eurovia has extensive experience working in operating hospital environments, including construction within and around highly sensitive areas. We have developed responsive ICRA-based processes that include protective measures (ILSM) and security procedures to ensure uninterrupted operation and to protect highly vulnerable patients. These controls, coupled with Eurovia’s intense understanding of hospital operations and our staff-wide communication outreach, ensure smooth-running projects for our clients.