ADEL Holding is a group of companies working in different business fields: construction, logistics, real estate, trade, distribution and marketing and advertising.


Bridge Construction Planning Bridge construction tends to involve huge projects that encompass the utilization of skills related to several engineering disciplines including geology, civil, electrical, mechanical, and computer sciences. Therefore, integrating the efforts of all involved must be meticulous. The initial plans are prepared regarding the project, including the characteristics of the desired bridge, the

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We understand what it takes to run a successful project in this demanding environment. Eurovia’s hospital and healthcare construction projects encompass a wide range—from new hospitals to new wings, from vertical additions to bunkered treatment suites, and from isolated renovations to wholesale phased expansion and upgrade programs. We have also completed numerous specialized cancer treatment

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Residential Buildings and Hotels

In particular for housing construction and hotel construction projects, excellent noise control is a major quality criterion and of great importance for people’s health and comfort. Whether in an apartment or a hotel room, adequate screening against noise from neighbours is indispensable for creating an area of tranquility and privacy. From a building physics perspective,

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Road Maintenance

The subsidiaries of “Eurovia” perform rehabilitation and winter maintenance of 20% of the North Macedonia road network. The company has own high-tech equipment for road rehabilitation, and winter maintenance equipment including snowplows and sand spreading machines. Eurovia gets inert materials from its own bases and carriers to execute road reparing and winter maintenance. Eurovia has technical and human

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Sports and Recreation Facilities

Eurovia designs and constructs sports and recreation facilities – multifuncional halls, sports complexes, stadiums, playfields, parks, kindergartens and children’s playgrounds.

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Trade and Logistics

In order to guarantee the quality of its projects, “Eurovia” carries out trade with construction products and materials. Through its subsidiary, “Eurovia Trading” Ltd., the holding already has very strong positions in many directions: light and dark fuels, road bitumen, technical salt, fittings, railway consumables and materials, construction mechanization, etc. You can visit our website

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Universities & Schools

At Eurovia, we’re familiar with the unique challenges faced by educational institutions when they undertake construction programs. We’re experienced in meeting the demands of academic calendars and recognize the absolute need to have facilities ready for full use in time for the start of the semester. Our know-how includes new facilities, upgrades and expansions of

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